Products - A Diverse Bounty of Organic Produce

The East West Farms follows three core principles in deciding what mix of products to offer our customers:

We emphasize diversity in what we grow, thereby providing our customers with exposure to a wide array of healthy, flavorful and nutritious food; sustaining our soil and environment by rotating crops, reducing pest infestations and minimizing reliance on any one method of organic pest control; lessening our risk of catastrophic loss from weather, pests or disease; and affording our staff an enjoyable, challenging and educational work environmen

We try to select crops that are seasonally, geographically and environmentally appropriate, thereby ensuring that our food possesses the best possible flavor; working with nature to take advantage of pollination and other ecosystem services; and reducing our need for petroleum products, water and other external inputs. We are mindful of our niche within the local agriculture community, thereby increasing the range of agricultural products available for local purchase and helping to strengthen the local food economy.

With these principles in mind, we produce an assortment of vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs as well as eggs.

Our Field Produce

  • New England Root Crops and Flowers
  • Asian Produce – UnoyRice (Organic Red, Black, Brown, White and Sticky Rice), Asian vegetables (Gabi [Taro], Kamote [sweet Potato], petchay [bokchoi], malunggay,tungsoy, kangkong, Asian greens and cress
  • Herbs
  • Other vegetables
  • Fruits
Looking for one or two (couple) experienced farmhands to help develop new organic farm. Vegetable focus. Broad skills preferred. Can offer detached modern apartment part-season, wages and profit sharing. On Verona Island, Maine.
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.